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Choosing a menu for your reception
One of the things people discuss after a wedding is how the food tasted. Therefore, choosing the reception menu is an important part of planning your wedding. There are a lot of questions about what is the right menu and wrong menu to have at your wedding, however, there is really no right or wrong – just different tastes. Just remember, it is your wedding. You should choose a menu that you will be happy with and enjoy as well as your guests. The time people eat will have a lot to do with the food on your reception menu. For instance, if you have a morning wedding with the guests eating brunch you will have an entirely different reception menu from someone with an afternoon wedding and a dinner reception. Not only will the foods be different, but so will the cost. Having an early brunch reception costs less than a traditional buffet or served meal. A buffet reception is the most common.
Your food choices will always determine your cost. If you choose a served meal, things like seafood or steak are often more expensive than chicken. However, you can also offer choices on your response cards so you can order a variety of items beforehand only if you choose a sit down/served meal. This way you can let your guests choose if they want chicken, beef, or fish. For a buffet reception, you should consider purchasing a custom menu so you can get exactly what you like, not a standard menu.
Also, try to have a vegetarian dish available for those guests who do not eat meat or meat products. While it may not be your lifestyle choice, it is polite to offer them food they can eat.
If you have a variety of food you want to offer, then a buffet may be the proper option. With a buffet, you can offer more variety to your guests. Buffets are most common here in The Deep South.
No matter your choice, presentation is important. So, consider having a Meat carving station or a chocolate fountain for your guests. Butler passed items are also a wonderful addition to any menu.
Should you serve alcohol at your reception? A tip from The Lake House Reception Center
Alcohol is a great addition to any event. Think of ways to afford alcohol if your budget is a problem. If you have a daytime wedding, serve only beer, wine and champagne, which cuts the cost. If you are having an evening wedding and you know for sure your guests would enjoy a full bar, you should go for it. You want to make everyone relaxed and happy at your event. If cost is an issue, then serve a call brands package versus a premium package. Respect the wishes of family members and friends. If you want alcohol and they do not, then compromise and serve just Champagne punch or beer and wine. If you decide to forgo alcohol, then do not give it a second thought. You have made up your mind, and friends and family will still come to your wedding and have a great time because they love you. If you decide to serve alcohol, the same idea applies. It is your wedding day, and you get to make the decisions. The ultimate goal is that you and your Husband are happy and have a wedding that is memorable.
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