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Selecting A Wedding Photographer

Along with a Videographer, selecting a photographer is probably one of the biggest investments that you can make for your big day. I don't necessarily mean a monetary investment, but more of sentimental investment. Think about it, long after all of your flowers are wilted and the wedding cake is devoured what are you left with? Your video and pictures. They become the memory keepers which allow you to revisit your magical day anytime you want. If you feel comfortable with your photographer, your pictures will reflect that. That is why it is so important to find a photographer that you "click" with and trust. (Come on, you know that was cute!) Not to mention that you will more than likely end up spending more time with your photographer and Videographer throughout your day than any of your other vendors.
Thanks to advances in technology, photographers give us more choices in styles than ever before, and it can all be a bit overwhelming. And then there's trying to figure out what to ask once you eventually narrow down your search!! ? And what the heck is a Shot List?!! No Worries. That is what is here for! Now, let's take a deep breath and dive into the world of Photography!

  1. 1. First things first. Decide your photography style. Grab a few local wedding publications from bridal shows, show room or visit for samples and links to their websites to see what your local photographers have to offer. Ask yourself, "Do I like Traditional Photography or Photojournalistic style?" (For those of us who don't speak the "lingo": Photojournalistic style tends to be more candid or in the moment shots. Often, these shots are taken in black and white and sometimes with film.) Do you like the look of pictures shot with film vs. digital? Do you want any posed shots? These are all questions that you need to ask yourself before you take any more steps. Do your homework and see what is out there.
  2. 2. Once you narrow your search down to a hand full of options, set up consultations to meet the photographers in order to see their portfolio of past work, ask for references and discuss pricing. If it is a company that has multiple photographers and you were not able to meet with your preferred photographer the first time, should you have one, be sure to set up an appointment to sit and talk with that specific photographer. It gives the photographer a good idea of who you are as a couple and what your tastes are. Be sure to ask as many specific questions as possible and write everything down!! Visit our full list of suggested questions to ask your photographer.
  3. 3. Once you have decided on a lead photographer, paid the required deposit, signed a contract and set up dates and locations for your engagement pictures & bridal portraits, you will need to sit down and create what is referred to as a "shot list". This is a list of moments, locations and people that are "must-get-shots". Be sure to visit our complete Shot List Suggestions Check List. You might even consider designating a friend or family member at the wedding assist the photographer (s) in finding the guests that are on the Shot list.

Just remember to be as honest and straight forward with your photographer (s) as you can be. Along with every other vendor you hire, they are only there to help make your day as perfect as you have always imagined.

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