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Flowers from Start to Finish

Where and how do I begin?
Start by gathering your ideas. Start collecting pictures of flowers and color schemes from bridal, home & garden and food magazines and books. Of course the internet can be a great inspiration for ideas as well. Try looking at wallpaper or fabric books. They have wonderful ideas for color palettes. Don’t forget to use your local wedding publication books. Then start shopping around for floral designers. Believe it or not, at this point you do not have to have a color scheme in mind. Your concern is to view their work and to feel comfortable with thedesigner. Don't be afraid to ask how many weddings they've done and to see photos of their work. Once you have narrowed down your choices for floral designers, secure the date by leaving a deposit. Make sure you get the date in writing and find out whether the deposit is refundable.

Why do I NEED a Professional Florist?
It is always best to leave the Flower arrangements to the professionals.

  1. A Florist can give you ideas and show you the latest trends. They might also be familiar with your venue to know what works and what doesn’t.
  2. The florist will be able to transport and set up all of your pieces for you. The fewer responsibilities you and your family have on the day of your wedding, the more everyone will be able to enjoy the day.
  3. A professional Florist can get flowers and greenery at a much better price than an individual because of the bulk buying that they do.
  4. A professionally arranged bouquet is sure to last as long as the flowers can possibly last which gives the bride a better value for her money.
  5. Can save you money by suggesting areas in which they can substitute fresh flowers/greenery for artificial, which might give you a great souvenir to use in your home later.

When do I start shopping for my florist?
If you know your wedding date, start shopping as soon as possible. We advise at least 6-12 months ahead of time. Many of the best wedding floral designers are booked well in advance.

Ok, I picked my floral designer. Now what?
Now you go armed and prepared. Remember your wish collection of flowers and colors? Bring in everything you've got. Don't worry if you're stuck on ideas. Your designer will know how to draw out your likes and dislikes. His/Her job is to guide you, not to bowl you over with ideas that don't suit your personality and overall desires, not to mention budget. Make sure your designer understands to work within the budget you finally agree upon. You might also want to ask your floral designer is they have any pictures of their work at your wedding/reception location. That way you can get some decorating ideas.

Help! We're on a tight budget. How can we save money?

  1. Choose blooms that are in season (for your wedding date) and/or locally grown.
  2. Ask your florist ahead of time how the flowers can be used for both ceremony and reception sites. This way, they're not just used for one hour.
  3. Ask if your florist if he/she would be willing to transport the flowers from the ceremony to the reception site. If they are not willing to include this in the price, ask a friend to transport them and place them appropriately at the reception site.
  4. You don’t necessarily need flowers in every nook and cranny. It isn't necessary. Put your most expensive arrangements where you want to make the biggest impression or where they will be seen the most.
  5. Use lots of greenery, alone or with baby's breath or bows. Bows, ribbons may even be used alone. Greenery with swaged fabric looks very romantic.
  6. Choose smaller bouquets or even single stem bouquet. Gone are the days where the bouquet is practically all you see when the bride walks down the aisle. Besides, they cover up the dress and are very heavy.
  7. Have your florist create a bouquet that is made up of smaller bouquets tied together. The smaller bouquets make for great Mother’s gifts or add a fun twist to the Bouquet Toss.

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